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5 Reasons Your Advisor Should Specialize in Retirement Plans

By:  Braden Priest, CFA®, Retirement Plan Consultant Hiring the right advisor for your company's retirement plan is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make as a plan sponsor. Many brokers and retail wealth managers dabble in retirement plan advisory services, but putting your plan in the hands of a non-specialist advisor can lead to expensive plan corrections, penalties, and poor...

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What is the Biggest Enemy of Your Retirement?

By:  Henry VanBuskirk, CFP®, Wealth Manager When you google “Biggest Enemy of Retirement” you will get around 20 million results with answers such as (1) inflation, (2) lower interest rates, (3) higher interest rates, (4) procrastination, (5) taxes, (6) overspending, (7) whatever politician a talking head doesn’t like that day and (8) you.  The answers to your questions, “I’ve saved...

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Are You Mentally and Emotionally Ready to Retire?

By:  Paul Horn, CFP®, CPWA®, Senior Financial Planner Most people look forward to the day that they can have independence and no longer have to work 9 - 5. In my experience, while everyone wants to retire, most are truly not ready to retire. I am not referring to having the financial ability to retire but most are not emotionally ready for retirement. Retiring before you are emotionally ready...

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Happy National 401(k) Day!

Contributing to your 401(k) may help you build retirement savings over time - without impacting your take-home pay as much as you may think. Consider the hypothetical example below, which shows how a 2% increase in pre-tax contributions could potentially cost you only $30 per paycheck. Source: Schwab Retirement Plan Services* Want to learn more about saving for retirement? Visit BFSG University...

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Points to Consider as you Approach Retirement

If you're a decade or so away from retirement, you've probably spent at least some time thinking about this major life change. How will you manage the transition? Will you travel, take up a new sport or hobby, or spend more time with friends and family? Should you consider relocating? Will you continue to work in some capacity? Will changes in your income sources affect your standard of living?...

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The Least Understood Risk to Retirement

You have done a great job preparing for retirement, but do you understand the risks? Timing is everything, and early market declines at retirement, particularly if they are paired with rising inflation, can significantly reduce the longevity of your retirement nest egg. Learn from Paul Horn, CFP® in this 2-minute BFSG short as he discusses the least understood risk to retirement – sequence risk...

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The Future of Retirement in America

Most retirement savers assume they will be able to access Social Security and Medicare in retirement, but what if those options become unavailable? Join our webinar on July 29th at 10 am PST for an important discussion on the future of retirement in America and how you can prepare for potential changes to the retirement landscape. BFSG Wealth Manager Andrew Donahue, CFP®, MHA will be hosting the...

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NAPA released the list of its Top DC Advisor Teams with Benefit Financial Services Group and many other individual office teams among the nation’s leading retirement plan advisor firms. Congrats BFSG for making the list for the 2nd year in a row! Click here to read the press release and here for NAPA's list. Disclaimer: Awards and recognitions by unaffiliated rating services, companies, and/or...

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2020 Year-End Planning Checklist

We are now a few weeks from officially being in fall. This is the time of year to begin tax planning for your 2020 taxes. The mistake most people make is they do not plan for taxes until after the new year and by then there is little to no planning that can be done. Below is a helpful checklist with important deadlines to be aware of to help you with year-end tax planning: October 1st Establish...

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Best Careers and Jobs for Seniors

The old view that retirement was just sitting on your porch or watching t.v. has passed. The reality is retirement allows you to do what you want to do. For many, this comes in the form of a second career pursuing a passion like one of our clients that started to sell quilts and knitted goods and makes a tidy profit. For others, it means still working, but in a field or job that brings them...

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Important Tax Deadlines Fast Approaching

With everything that happened earlier this year the IRS delayed normal deadlines for filing and paying taxes from April 15th to July 15th.  This delay was part of Notice 2020-18 and below are items that need be done by next Wednesday, July 15th.  1. File taxes for 2019 - You can file an extension if needed. 2. Pay taxes for 2019 – If you file an extension be aware your payment is still due if...

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Important Retirement Ages

Retirement is one of the greatest achievements in life. It is the culmination of decades of planning and hard work. There are some important age milestones along the way that you should be aware of to help you reach your retirement sooner. The chart below is a summary of these ages and why they are important. We are here to help provide guidance and answer questions along the way. Please do not...

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