Estate Planning

Mapping Your Legacy.

You have worked hard to create a lasting legacy. We review your estate plan and coordinate with your attorney (or we can provide referrals with our extensive network) to make sure your estate plan truly reflects your wishes. We utilize various planning techniques to help you transfer wealth in  tax-efficient ways and make sure you and your heirs are protected by focusing on:

Making sure the trust is up to date given recent legislation changes.

Avoid probate and keep your affairs private.

Develop a plan for tax efficient wealth transfer.

Protect your heirs from others and potentially themselves.

Reduce potential family conflict after your death.

Ensure you have proper beneficiary designations.

Note: BFSG is neither a law firm, nor a certified public accounting firm, and no portion of the website content should be construed as legal or accounting advice.

A Widow In Transition: Lisa

Lisa unexpectedly lost her husband in an accident. She feels overwhelmed trying to manage the finances and make decisions about his belongings, their home, and her future. Lisa reached out for guidance and help during this difficult time. Read More

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