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institutional landing investment consulting

Investment Consulting

Committed to providing independent, objective investment advice.

institutional landing vendor management

Vendor Management

Your partner in continually reviewing fees and services.

institutional landing fiduciary guidance

Fiduciary Governance

Putting in place structures to limit and help with fiduciary best practices.

institutional landing participant services

Participant Services

Helping drive better participant outcomes.

Our Specialty

An area of pride at BFSG is our customized approach to servicing our clients’ needs. From adding client requests to our standard reporting package, to creating ad hoc reports, to answering questions between Committee meetings, BFSG offers clients a high-touch approach. And above all, every BFSG contract lists us as a fiduciary to the Plan.

Our Conviction

Using the standards set forth in governing law, such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), California Constitution, Government Code, and the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), BFSG advises plan sponsors, committees, and fiduciaries in understanding and addressing responsibilities to their plan, participants and beneficiaries.

Our Process

BFSG emphasizes the development and implementation of proactive prudent processes which help fiduciaries provide participants an effective retirement tool, while lowering or limiting their liability. Our team-based approach is designed to help each of our clients have access to the knowledge and expertise of our experienced retirement and investment professionals. Maintaining optimal client service is our top priority. We realize that the retirement plan and institutional marketplace is constantly changing, and therefore keeping clients informed is of critical importance.

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Complimentary Fee Analysis and Investment Review

All we need is a copy of your 408(b)(2) Plan Sponsor Fee Disclosure and we will provide a report which benchmarks fees and investment performance against industry averages.

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