Participant Services

Put Our Expertise To Work.

BFSG has been assisting plan sponsors for over 30 years to educate their employees and help them navigate their financial and retirement landscapes. Through our comprehensive Participant Services, your employees will have access to:

  • A robust set of customizable seminars and webinars.
  • Financial planning tools for both in-person and virtual meetings.
  • A technology platform that provides the power of data aggregation and on-demand resources.
  • Direct access to BFSG’s Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals.

Our Approach

Fiduciary Solutions

No Broker Dealer
No Product Sales
No Insurance Sales
No Commissions

No Broker Dealer
No Product Sales
No Insurance Sales
No Commissions

Group Meetings

Live & Recorded Webinars

One-On-One Meetings

The Financial Planning Process

Monitoring & Reviewing Financial Plan

Investment Plan

Developing & Presenting Financial Plan

Gathering Client Information

Establish Goals & Objectives


Topics We Cover

Money and Investing

Retirement and Employer Benefits

Life Events

Caring for Others

Retirement Transitioning

Key Participant Takeaways

Key Participant Takeaways


Retirement Readiness
Managing Competing Goals

Being prepared to face unforeseen events

Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Transitioning

Paying Too Much? Don’t.

Complimentary Fee Analysis and Investment Review

All we need is a copy of your 408(b)(2) Plan Sponsor Fee Disclosure and we will provide a report which benchmarks fees and investment performance against industry averages.

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